Guideway grinding machine tools retrofit
SFBZ 1200x3000
  • Programmable controller S7-300.
  • OP10 operator panel.
  • Grinding heads powered with frequency converters.
  • Linear measuring systems FAGOR for vertical movements.
  • Absolute rotating measuring systems for traverse movement of the heads.
  • Controlled axes: 5
Retrofit grinding machine with Siemens PLC and OP
3 and1/2 axes horizontal milling machine retrofit
Heller BEA1
  • Siemens 840D controller.
  • Siemens servomotors and spindle.
  • Simodrive drives.
  • Controlled axes: 5 and spindle.
  • Tolls magazine with 40 positions and Tool Management.
Upgrade milling machine Heller with Siemens 840D controller
Numerical controlled lathe retrofit
EEN320 si EEN 400
  • Siemens 802D controller.
  • Siemens servomotors.
  • SIMODRIVE 611UE drivers.
  • Automatic bar feeder.
  • Controlled axes: 2 and spindle.
EEN lathes retrofit with Siemens 802D
Vertical lathe start up
SC 27
  • Siemens 840D controller
  • Siemens servomotors.
  • SIMODRIVE drivers.
  • Two channels.
  • Controlled axes: 8 and 3 spindles.
SC 27 lathe start up with Siemens 840D
Coordinate boring machine retrofit
  • Fanuc 16i controller.
  • Fanuc άi servomotors.
  • Controlled axes: 4 and spindle.
Boring machine retrofit with Fanuc 18i controller
Aluminum pieces routing machine upgrade
  • Siemens 802 DSl controller.
  • Siemens servomotors.
  • SINAMICS drives.
  • Electro-spindle with LUST frequency converter (50 000 n/min).
  • 10 positions tools magazine.
Routing machine modernization with Siemens 802DSl
Bar feeder lathe refit
DRT30 si DRT 40
  • Hitachi programmable logic controller.
  • Hitachi operator panel.
Plastic injection machine refit
  • Hitachi programmable logic controller.
  • Hitachi operator panel.
Grinding machine retrofit
RPO 320
  • Hitachi programmable logic controller
*In cooperation with S.C. CNC Machine Tools S.R.L Bacau, Romania
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