Almost anything is possible when there are determination, strong-willed, time and money.
 In a more than ever fast growing industry, the need for reliable machine tools is now more then ever a top management priority, amplified by the increasing complexity of the machine tools. That is why, nowadays, the need for professional engineering technical assistance, instead of a craftsman's work is necessary, much more if the engineer can provide the entire specter of the industrial services: mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and even CNC and PLC software.
   Trough the services that I will provide for you (contract management and technical interface with retrofitters, CNC machine tools repair and service, CNC retrofitting and/or upgrading), as a self-employed person, I will assure you that yours machines will work at theirs optimum parameters. Therefore, my first objective will be to maximize the machine work time with less-cost and minimum intervention for machine operators, no matter of the service that I will provide for you. In the spirit of this idea, I will do every thing in my power to propose and realize the best reliability based solutions.
  The demands of modern industry to meet ever-tighter tolerances and to comply with international quality standards mean that the performance of manufacturing machinery has never been more important. The quality of every component produced on a CNC machine is highly dependent on the machine's performance. Problems with a machine inevitably result in inspection failures, scrapped components and unexpected downtime. All too frequently, quality and inspection procedures identify problems after components have been produced. However, this is often too late to rectify any of the incurred scrap and downtime costs. For this reason, it is essential that your machine performance must be checked before manufacturing the components.
  Yours machines don't meet the requirements of accuracy imposed and you don't know if the machine-tools must be blamed or the tools?
   I can help you to find the answer trough the dynamic precision measuring with Ballbar QC10 system and much more, I can improve the machine's performance only by changing some parameters, of course in certain limits.
   Yet you don't know what to do? Contact me and we can discuss those issues and much more.
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