Activity domain:
   Authorized person, self-employed with strong background in engineering and technical assistance for:
1)Contracts management and technical interface between customer and machine retrofitter, for machine tools repair and/or retrofit:
  • Choosing the best technical solution for the end user, based on the real costumer's needs, without any cost increase due to unnecessary options proposed by the retrofitter, in order to achieve an optimal cost/performance report.
  • Establishing the development specifications based on customer's options.
  • Auditing the capability and the ability of the bidder's (technical, manufacturing, ISO 9001/2008 quality assurance conformity).
  • Classification and proposal of the bidder that will execute retrofitting.
  • Supervision the retrofitter's landmarks and the lead time schedule.
  • Supervision the retrofitter's landmarks execution.
  • Periodical inspections and pre acceptance tests at the retrofitter's site.
  • Final inspection and acceptance tests at the customer's site.
2)Design and professional engineering technical assistence for repair, retrofit or modernize CNC machine tools and industrial production lines:
  • Establishing the technical solutions.
  • Designing the solutions for hydraulic and/or pneumatic retrofit.
  • Technical support for mechanical repair and/or retrofit.
  • Designing the solutions for mechanical retrofit.
  • Designing the program for programmable logic controller (PLC).
  • Designing the program for operator panel (OP).
  • Designing the cycles for CNC machine tools (tool change, pallet change and so on).
  • Machine tools starting up and optimization (including numerical control starting up).
  • Technical support and service during warranty and/or post warranty.
  • Equipment types:
    • SIEMENS.
    • FANUC.
    • HITACHI.
3)Service and preventive maintenance for the CNC machine tools and the industrial production lines:
  • Measuring the interpolation accuracy for the CNC machine tools (dynamic precision), diagnostic and optimization with Renishaw system (QC 10 Ballbar).
In the case of CNC machine tools, not just static geometric precision is to affect the processing precision of the machine parts, but also how the machine run along the axis path. The ballbar test involves running a CNC program on the machine tool to trace out a circle of specified radius. The Ballbar QC10 is coupled between the machine spindle and bed with special magnetic ball and cup mountings. As the machine describes the programmed circle, the Ballbar QC10 system monitors the radius of this circle, with deviations from the 'perfect' circle recorded by the QC10 Ballbar software. How well the machine follows the circular path is an indicator of the machine's positioning performance, and the Renishaw software is able to identify 21 separate factors and calculate exactly how much of the total error is contributed by each factor. Results identify immediate improvements that can be made after the test, such as adjusting a machine's software settings, or indicate where more fundamental maintenance work should be scheduled, for example component replacement or if a complete retrofit is a must. The QC10 ballbar is vital to understanding of which machines are critical to production efficiency and bottlenecks. The test can be carried out for the 'old' machines but especially for the 'new' one's to see if they meet the manufacturer's specifications and the OEM's specifications. If you want to see such a report click on the picture. Test cu Renishaw QC10Machine tool performance report according to ISO 230-
  • Troubleshooting the mechanical breakdown.
  • Troubleshooting the hydraulic or pneumatic installation breakdowns.
  • Troubleshooting the electric installation breakdowns.
  • Troubleshooting the programmable logic controller program breakdown or alteration of it (if the original one exist).
  • Troubleshooting the operator panel program breakdown or alteration of it (if the original one exist).
  • Equipment types:
    • SIEMENS equipment:
      • Siemens 802D, Siemens 802DSl, Siemens 840C, Siemens 840D, Siemens 840Di controllers.
      • Simodrive, Sinamics drives.
    • Fanuc 18i, 16i controllers.
    • Philips 432 controllers (MAHO50, MAHO700, MAHO1000).
    • Heidenhein TNC430 controllers.
    • Industrial production lines with:
    • Siemens S7-300 programmable controllers.
    • Hitachi programmable controllers.
    • Simodrive drives.
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